canasta_basica-pobreza-INEC_LNCIMA20150813_0079_27QCOSTARICA – Following the trend of the last five months, in March the Consumer Price Index (CPI) fell by 0.91%, putting annual inflation at -1.09%, and inflation accumulated so far this year at -0.26%.

The groups with the greatest contribution to the CPI in March 2016 were: ttransport, food and non-alcoholic beverages.

In March 2016, of the 315 goods and services included in the consumer basket, 47% had price reductions, 44% increased in price and 9% had no change.

When analyzing the percentage changes of the twelve groups that comprise the CPI, it can be seen that the transport group is having a major effect on the variation of the general index.

In the last five years (2012 to 2016) the highest cumulative percentage change from January to March each year was in 2013, with 2.46%.