The emergence of an official electronic sports league, the first forum of experts and that one of the most important developer houses in the world signed an alliance with a Costa Rican university are signs that the country already has a professional gamer industry.

Infinity Esports, of Costa Rican origin, is the pioneer of electronic sports in our country. Courtesy Infinity Esports / La Repúblicaports,

Several experts in the field agree on this, who estimate that this market can move more than US$100 thousand annually in its activity in the country, reports La República (in Spanish).

Currently, there are more than 600 players registered in the Federación Nacional de Deportes Electrónicos – National Federation of Electronic Sports – and eight professional teams competing in the Liga Costarricense de Deportes Electrónicos – Costa Rican League of Electronic Sports, the only one of its kind in Central America and the Caribbean.

In total, there are 15 legally constituted teams, some of them pay salaries and receive sponsorships from brands like HP by Omen and Kölbi.