The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, on Tuesday relocated Nicaragua’s ambassador to Costa Rica, Duilio Hernández, to Turkey.

Duilio Hernández (center with glasses) greeting Carlos Alvarado last December during Costa Rica’s 70th anniversart of the abolition of the army

The change was made public this morning, published in that country’s official newsletter, La Gaceta.

Hernández replaced Harold Rivas as ambassador to Costa Rica in February 2018, following allegations of improprieties.

Hernández is a career diplomat and close family to the general of the Nicaraguan Army, Julio César Avilés, Ortega’s trusted man.

Earlier this year, Ortega tried to place a new ambassador to Costa Rica, but gave up after Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry did not respond to the request.

The timning of Hernández’s is coincidental with the allegations of the incursion of the Nicaraguan Army in Costa Rican territory on Monday, where they chased and killed a man across the border.