A Guanacaste woman is the first fatailty of dengue since 2010, this was confirmed by the Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Salud) on Thursday.

Mosquito_dengueHealth officials say the lady died several weeks ago -though the news was made public yesterday – from internal bleeding caused by severe dengue.

Mary Ethel Trejos, director of  Vigilancia de la Salud, said that of the 13 deaths suspected of being caused by dengue, one was confirmed yesterday, seven were discarded from any relation to dengue, two did have dengue at death but died of other causes and three are still under investigation.

In 2012 and 2011 there no deaths related to dengue.

Director Trejos did not reveal the age of the woman, nor the area in Guancaste where she lived.

Since the first case of dengue was detected in Costa Rica in 1993, 22 people have died from the virus. The year with the most dengue deaths was 2007, with eight deaths.

In week 42 (ending October 19), Health confirms 853 new patients, 113 less than the previous week.

So far his year, 43.825 people have been infected with the dengue virus, making 2013 the year with the most cases ever.

The Ministry of Health says it is working not to repeat history in 2014.