Homer Takes Marge To Poas, Canopies La Fortuna With Bart

The Simpsons continue their #TravesiaSimpson through Central America


Though the Poas Volcano is closed to regular tourists, the national park was open to Homer and Marge Simpson.

“Homer read the recommendations sent him and decided to invite Marge to know the incredible Poás Volcano in Costa Rica,” explained the Tweet.



Homer and Marge took in the Poas on the 13th, the day after meeting up with Keylor Navas at the National Stadium in La Sabana, as The Simpsons continue their #TravesíaSimpson through Central America.

On Thursday, with his “Pura Vida” t-shirt and 12 pack of beers, Homer and Bart ziplined through the cloud forest of La Fortuna, enjoying the country’s ecotourism.