The legality of cannabis for general or recreational use varies from country to country. Possession of cannabis is illegal in most countries, and has been since the beginning of widespread cannabis prohibition in the late 1930s.

However, many countries have decriminalized the possession of small quantities of cannabis, particularly in Latin America. Furthermore, possession is legal or effectively legal in the Netherlands, North Korea (reportedly), and the U.S. states of Washington and Colorado at the state level (on 28 May 2013, Colorado became the world’s first fully regulated recreational cannabis market for adults.

A larger number of countries have decriminalized or legalized cannabis.

On 10 December 2013, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize the sale, production and distribution of marijuana.

23px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg  Argentina
Legal for personal use in small amounts and for consumption in private locations. Public consumption is generally accepted among young adults. Consumption for medical purposes is accepted but not legislated (only in private locations). Cultivating, selling and transporting large amounts is illegal and punishable by present laws.

22px-Flag_of_Bolivia.svg  Bolivia
Possession is illegal

22px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg  Brazil
The possession of any drug in Brazil, for personal consumption, entails a warning, community service and education on the effects of drug use. The same applies for the planting and/or preparation of small amounts of any drug.  Selling and transportation of any drugs, as well as the possession or cultivation of larger amounts is characterized as drug trafficking, a criminal act punished with 5 to 15 years in prison and a significant fine.

23px-Flag_of_Chile.svg  Chile
Personal consumption, possession and cultivation (of any drug) is decriminalized when in private locations.

23px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg  Colombia
Since 1994, cannabis has been decriminalized for possession of small amounts up to 22 gram for personal consumption, however sale and cultivation remains illegal.

23px-Flag_of_Costa_Rica.svg  Costa Rica
Cannabis is illegal but there is a high tolerance of smoking marijuana throughout the country, a decriminalization system is implemented de facto since police officers do not detain people carrying enough for only personal consumption, yet no amount has been defined as a minimum for possession. Usage of Cannabis in Costa Rica is very high.

23px-Flag_of_Cuba.svg  Cuba

23px-Flag_of_Ecuador.svg  Ecuador
Possession is not illegal, defined by Law 108. Possession of under 10 grams is considered personal use and it is legal and not punished.

23px-Flag_of_Honduras.svg  Honduras
The possession, sale, transportation and cultivation of cannabis is illegal in Honduras.

23px-Flag_of_nicaragua  Nicaragua
While marijuana use is moderate in Nicaragua, it’s illegal, and getting caught with even a small amount can result in heavy fines and jail sentences – of up to 30 years.  Criminal penalties in Nicaragua from the US Department of State.

23px-Flag_of_Panama.svg  Panama
Penalties for possessing, using, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Panama are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines.

23px-Flag_of_Paraguay.svg  Paraguay

Flag_of_Peru.svg  Peru
Possession is not illegal, defined by Art. 299. Possession of under 8 grams is considered personal use and it is legal and not punished.

23px-Flag_of_Uruguay.svg  Uruguay
LEGAL. Possession for personal use not penalized; law does not specify quantity for “personal amount”.As of 10 December 2013, the House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill legalizing and regulating the production and sale of the drug. The law will go into effect in 120 days from its passing.

23px-Flag_of_Venezuela.svg  Venezuela
As of 15 September 2010 possession of up to 20 grams of Marijuana or 5 grams of genetically modified Marijuana, if proven not to be for medical or personal consumption, is punishable by 1 to 2 years in prison at judge’s discretion. If deemed to be for personal consumption, the user is subject to security measures involving rehabilitation and detoxification procedures. Articulos 131 y 153 de la Ley Organica de Drogas.

Source: Wikipedia. Click here for Wiki’s legality of cannabis by country