The Costa Rican dancer Lucía Jiménez proved to be one of the best in the world dancing salsa and last Thursday, January 9, swept the awards at the World Salsa Summit.

This event was held in Miami, Florida and together with Venezuelan Franklin Liranzo who has been Lucia’s partner for the last 7 years, were able to demonstrate their great quality and talent for dancing.

The awards that the Tica obtained were:

  • Champion of Just Chacha
  • Champion of Just Bachata
  • Champion of 3 dance challenge: Salsa / Chacha and Bachata

“With these awards yesterday I achieved my tenth world title. Just chacha champions. Just bachata champions. 3 dance challenge champions – salsa / chacha and bachata. Next to my wonderful partner Franklin Liranzo️, with whom I have extraordinary chemistry because, though lately, we have been seeing each other only once a year, we somehow managed to stay connected,” Jiménez wrote on his Facebook account.

Lucia added that although many times the achievements seem somewhat easy, the road that traveled is quite difficult and many sacrifices are made that few see.

“Every achievement can be seen easily, but it is definitely a long road that brings a lot of travel. It is the result of years of training, effort, perseverance, and dedication. With many ups and downs, but with clear objectives and full of passion. Gratitude and desire to continue growing,’’ said Lucia.