Women’s national soccer player Melissa Herrera, 22, surprised her followers on social networks with a sensual photo, a “topless” sitting on a bed and a soccer ball at her feet.

As expected, she received many compliments, but criticism was not lacking, which she did not hesitate to answer and had a message to all the women.

“On Instagram I was judged by this photo so I put it here too (Twitter) because it is my body, my life and my decisions. Girls love yourself and let nobody tell you what to do with your body.”

Comments in support of Melissa’s decision:

“The example of how we are criticized for such simple things. I assure you that if she were not a footballer, the comments in that photo would be totally different.”

“Can you imagine judging someone by such a photo? Agsh, of that kind of mentality, deliver us forever, lord!”

“My body, my life and, therefore, my decision. We need more people with that thought, to make themselves heard. You are an example!”

The critics wrote:

“There is no doubt that she is beautiful, but why does she and so many other ‘personalities’ and ‘models’  have to be showing their body on social networks. I reason that they are people with low self-esteem and that they need to be constantly flattering themselves or at least talking about themselves.”

“I do not understand why some women have that need to make public as they look naked or in underwear, something is not right in them (…).”

Melissa began her career by playing for AD Moravia in Costa Rica, then played in the United Women’s Soccer for FC Indiana for a short time in 2016. From May 2017 to July 2018 she played for Colombian club Independiente Santa Fe. In July 2018, she joined French team Reims.

Melissa and women’s national soccer team will be playing later this week against Brazil.

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