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Melissa Mora In Scandal Over Her Alleged Presence In The House of Narco During Raid

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COSTA RICA EXTRA – A few weeks ago, at the beginning of this month, model and singer Melissa Mora, went public displaying her anger by the theft of her Rolex watch.

The Ramonense (a native of San Ramon) used her Instagram account to make it known public and that the thief was a friend – though she did not reveal the name.

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The model/singer said the friend took advantage of her being tired following exhausting rehearsals, to take the watch.

“…it has a code, it’s pink and this model is not common in my country, it hurts me because it was a gift from a very special person in my life,” noted the model/singer.

“I hope they give it back and if some of you turn to selling it remember that it is stolen and you can have legal problems, they better give it back,” she said.

Since that posting on Instagram, we have heard nothing. A the Q, we could not confirm if the watch was ever returned or found.

Model/singer Melissa Mora

However, the model/singer is in the center of another scandal, and nothing related to a watch or for what she did of was doing, rather to possibly being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. And with the wrong person.

In an early Tuesday (yesterday) moring in a raid at the house of a man suspected of attempted homicide, agents of the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) de Alajuela, found Melissa Mora inside and to what appeared to having spent the night.

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The man, identified by his last name Solis, is wanted for the attempted murder of two young men in the barrio El Infiernillo (Little Hell), over a dispute related to drug trafficking. According to authorities, the man was involved recently in shoot out, inside the home they found a .45 caliber weapon and ammunition.

The model/singer immediately denied it being in the house (at the time of the raid) pinning the whole incident on her brother, claiming it was all a confusion, her brother had taken her car and “it was he who was inside the house at the time of the raid”.

Marisel Rodríguez, OIJ’s communications officer, said “we only provide information about people detained, we do not give out information of others who sometimes are inside the dwellings, becuase they are not persons directly related to the crime, the only thing we can say is if there are other people inside the house being raided, but have nothing to do with the case being investigated.”

The OIJ confirmed that the raid was at 6:00am in the area of El Cacao de Alajuela and that the moment of forced entry, they found Melissa Mora in one of the rooms, but did not detail how she was dressed or what she was doing there.

The BMW authorities say belongs to the Melissa Mora outside the raided house raided Tuesday morning.
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The model/singer’s brother was also in the house, said the OIJ statement and that Mora and her brother drove off in the model/singer’s BMW, driving by the brother, with a woman in the back seat.

Authorites search the BMW, found inside the garage of the house being raided, belonging to Melissa Mora

More Defends Herself

Asked by the Diario Extra, the self billed “most sold newspaper in the country”, that broke the story, Melissa Mora said “people you know how they make things up, I am Ok. Is there evidence I was there?”

Despite the claim by authorities that they found the model/singer in the house, she said, “it’s not like that. Be careful with what you are saying (reporting), because that is not so, I was at a party, ask Yoko Gomez (a Youtuber Dj).”
Source: Diario Extra; AM Prensa

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