The immigration police (Migración) swept the area of Laguna de Friajanes, in Alajuela, and arrested 15 foreigners who were in the country illegally, who will be deported to the country of origin, Nicaragua.

Immigration officials at the ready

In Friday’s operation, checked were another 389 foreigners. All had their documents in order, except for five, one who had his passport seized and along with the other four summoned to appear to an immigration review.

The operation was carried in the early hours of Friday morning, between 5 and 7 and with the participation of the Air Surveillance Service (Servicio de Vigilancia Aérea) and the Tourist Police (Policía Turística).

The objective, according to Stephen Madden, head of the immigration police, is part of an operational strategy based on “specific analysis of the need and vulnerability of some areas of the country”, to detect illegals, mainly from the neighboring country to the north (Nicaragua).

This is the fifth major operation so far this year; the others carried out in the areas of Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Tilarán and Cartago.