The Consejo Nacional de Salarios (CNS) – National Wages Council –  unanimously approved a 2.53% increase in the minimum wage for workers in the private sector.

Additionally, an additional wage increase of 2.33962% was approved for domestic workers.

Thus, as of January 2020, employees in the private sector will see an increase of ¢2,530 colones (domestic workers ¢2,339) for every ¢100,000 of salary.

“I am extremely pleased that the Consejo Nacional de Salarios, in an exercise of social dialogue, has unanimously approved our proposal that sought to recognize the components of the calculation formula, both the cost of living and the growth of the gross domestic product,” said Geannina Dinarte Romero.

With this increase, a messenger worker – an unskilled occupation – whose minimum wage today is ¢309,143.36 (US$542) per month, will earn ¢316,964.68 (US$555) starting January 2010.

See here the list of occupations and their minimum salaries (2019).