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My continuing saga with the AyA…

May billing still not adjusted

UPDATE: On February 18, 2021, I got a notice from the AyA reducing my bill to ¢7,694 colones for the May 2020 billing period. Read the story here.

Rico’s DIGEST – In May I wrote about my outrageous water bill, a whopping ¢34,000 colones when my average monthly usage/billing for the 12 months prior has ranged from ¢5,400 to ¢9,800.

Screenshot of my payment history from the AyA website

The above numbers come directly from the AyA website, which noted a reduction (payment by AyA to the account) of ¢5,060 on May 5, reducing my bill to ¢29,046.

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This was prior to the announcement by the utility in mid-June, after a public outcry of overbilling, that it had made an error in the May billing, and starting June 23 the May billing was to be adjusted.

I waited. I had faith.

However, as the June bill arrived, the May bill still showed the 29K balance. I waited. Nothing. I waited some more. Nothing.

Today, Monday, July 6, I decided the wait was over and would call.

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After spending more than 15 minutes waiting for an agent to connect, I find out what I already knew: yes, there had been a reduction and that was what I owed.

What happened to the automatic reduction, was it all Tico bull? What happened to the email I got in the last week about my account being automatically adjusted?

To the first, all I could get is that the account will be noted and a review will be made, but no guarantee that a further reduction would be made. The automatic reduction was not going to be applied, at least not from what the agent I spoke to knew.

To the second, the email went out to all AyA customers. That made me feel special.

In such cases, arguing with an agent is futile. This I know well. The best one can get in such cases is wait for the decision, in the meantime not pay the bill, and life goes on.

However, to pay the June bill it cannot be done online, I will have to go to a ‘third-party” payment option, such as a supermarket, etc. So much for staying at home.

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My thoughts went to how many are in the same situation and how are they dealing with it. Please send me your comments to or Whatsapp at 8399 9642 or to Facebook.

For any billing query or request to adjust the current bill, you can contact the AyA by way of the 800 REPORTE phone line (800 737 6783), email to, WhatsApp: 8376 5103, website or visit the local AyA office to where the meter is located.

Thanks for listening.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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- paying the bills -

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