Doctors, lawyers and professors are among professionals forced to flee their homeland for doing their jobs, applying for asylum in neighbouring Costa Rica when anti-government protests broke out in Nicaragua in 2018.

Nicaragua lawyer and rights activist Braulio Abarca, 28, pictured at a church in the Costa Rican capital San Jose.

Fearing for their lives, over 68,000 Nicaraguans who have fled the country since the start of the April 2018 crackdown, that targeted not only protesters, but also anyone suspected of aiding or even sympathizing with them.

University professor Carlos* told the UNCHR, the UN Regugee Agency, that his conscience obliged him to stand alongside his students during the marches.

Nicaraguan law professor Carlos* now works as a teacher giving remedial high school classes to local teens in San Jose, Costa Rica. © UNHCR/Daniel Dreifuss

Read here the full stor of three these professionals faced retaliation, intimidation and death threats.

Pediatrician Sara* fled to Costa Rica, after being persecuted for treating injured protesters in her native Nicaragua. © UNHCR/Diana Diaz

Article originally appeared on Today Nicaragua and is republished here with permission.