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Opening dates at airports in the region

Costa Rica is one of the first in the region to enable international flights

(QCOSTARICA) Costa Rica confirmed this Thursday the opening of its air borders starting on August 1, for a very limited market: commercial flights from Canada, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The depatures hall at the Juan Santamaria international aiport (SJO)

The country would thus become one of the first in the region to enable international flights, after the majority of Latin American airports closed their doors to commercial activity since March, leaving only the possibility of rescue or repatriation flights, as the COVID-19 pandemic progressed.

Although since then the task of stopping the new coronavirus has not been completed, a group of countries, like Costa Rica, already has dates for the eventual returns of commercial flights.

- paying the bills -

This is the information that has been released so far by the transport authorities and governments of each of them:


One of the most important hubs in the region had initially announced its opening for  July 23, however, it postponed the entry into operation for another 30 days.


The government of Daniel Ortega has not decreed the closure of borders since the start of the pandemic, but the vast majority of airlines suspended operations. On July 14, a sanitary protocol for travelers was announced.

El Salvador

This country recently backed down in the plan to open activities, which also leaves the return of commercial air operations undated for now.


The date has been postponed, the last one announced is August 15, but several sanitary conditions must first be met.


- paying the bills -

They announced a plan to reactivate operations, but without defining a date.


It has kept its main airport (Mexico City) in operation with “normality” although its operations have decreased.


They have already started a pilot plan for domestic flights. They announced a possible opening for international flights with restrictions for September 1.


There is no scheduled date for opening.


Although it maintains the majority of airports in operation, although, with restrictions, it imposed a border closure for foreigners, which only allows the entry of passengers in transit. It already has approved protocols for air transport.


It has been extending the resumption of commercial air operations for periods of 30 days. The last announced date is August 12.


- paying the bills --

It already has international flights operating. In fact, it is the only country in Latin America that included the European Union in its first list of opening borders.


It does not yet have a date for the reopening of commercial flights.


It enabled domestic flights to 15 cities on July 15. Airlines were authorized to use only 30% of the seats of the planes and the opening to international flights is evaluated for August.


Resumed commercial domestic flights on June 1, and international flights on June 4. The entry of people to Ecuador by air remains conditional on the results of the so-called PCR tests, which are required of passengers within seven days prior to the flight, or upon arrival in Ecuador if they had not done so at the places of origin.

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