Paquito y Martin


It’s not unusual to run into some interesting characters in the streets of downtown San Jose. And with all my years in the country, this one on Tuesday (July 11) was a new one for me, a man walking his rooster. Or was it the other way around?

No leash, the rooster, Paquito, walked ahead of Martin, who gave me permission to take the photos, but never missed a step.


In front of the Universal store, across from the Plaza de la Cultura, on the Boulevar (Avenida Central), as I moved ahead of the two, the rooster wasn’t bothered by my closeness, walking ahead responding to Martin’s instructions to take a right, left, straight ahead.

I asked Martin his secret, “Love. All aminals (including people) respond to love. That’s it. Nothing else.”

I hope you enjoy the pictures.