The work of the placement of solar panels at traffic lights at different intersections of the Gran Area Metropolitana (GAM) or San Jose metro area – continues, with some 80 of the 132 clean energy systems already installed.

The clean energy traffic lights are painted green. In the photo, Paseo Colon, east of the Sabana park

The General Directorate of Traffic Engineering (DGIT), a unit of the MOPT, that is supervising the work reports that 100% of the necessary for the placement of the panels, such as excavation work, construction of trenches, wiring and post placement has been completed.

The work being carried out now is the connection to the Centro de Control de Tránsito (CCT) – traffic control center – that monitors traffic lights and flow of traffic in the downtowns of San Jose, Alajuela, Heredia, and Cartago.

The clean energy traffic lights are painted green, the others are painted yellow.

Another advantage of these traffic lights, besides saving on energy costs, is they continue to work in the event of an electrical short circuit or power outage.