Sunday, 27 September 2020
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Air Panama Has A Great Deal From San Jose To Panama. But is it?

(TICO BULL) Air Panama wants our business, offering cheap flights from San Jose, Costa Rica, to Panama City, Panama for only US$99 return, plus US$44.95 for fuel surcharge and airline tax and conditions*. But is it a great deal? Cheaper than the two majors -...

What Are The Expat Compromises Required To “Make-It” in Costa Rica?

(QCOSTARICA BLOG)  I have lived and worked in Costa Rica for seventeen years. I can say without a doubt, that the natural beauty and the climate in Costa Rica is very easy to adjust to as being very pleasant in both regards, but as...

What Can We Expect, Indeed

(TICO BULL) I have been driving since I was 16, more than 40 years now. I have driven in almost every country from Colombia to Canada. But, only in Costa Rica have I seen this and many other WTF! things. On Thursday, almost 10 years...

The FIFA Scandal: A Lesson in Socialization and Culture

(QCOSTARICA BLOG) The recent “take-down” of some very high profile FIFA Directors by the U.S. Authorities in Switzerland, on bribery, corruption, and money laundering charges, is actually an interesting study in socialization and culture. The bulk of the accused are from either Latin American Countries,...

Bottom Line On Tourism; The People Ain’t Coming!

QCOSTAIRCA BLOG - Living in Costa Rica is way too close to the Wizard of Oz who might actually be running this country? Despite the hyperbole, Costa Rica or as some call it Paradise or "Pura Vida" is in a world of economic hurt...

The State Of The Nation; The Musings of A Concerned Citizen

I am a Canadian, Naturalized as a Costa Rican Citizen and a practicing Costa Rica Lawyer by profession. I have no particular training in Economics, or Political Science. I have lived full time in Costa Rica for almost seventeen years and I have a Costa...


QCOSTARICA - The Caldera Highway, as it is known to most of us living in Costa Rica, or Costa Rica Highway Route #27, as it is officially designated, has become one of the most important traffic links in the Country, connecting San Jose and...

[BLOG] Role Of The Press in Democratic Societies

QCOSTARICA BLOG - During this past week, we’ve listened to our esteemed President, Don Luis Guillermo Solis, angrily denounce the press in Costa Rica, for only reporting on the failings of his Government and not on the achievements. For the ten month period that he...


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