Earlier this year I had a number of technical problems with my website, “The Real San José.” An endless number of fixes had to be made, most of which I did not understand.

Michael Miller author of The Real San José, and TheRealSanJose.com

After lots of time, lots of failed attempts and lots of swearing, those problems have finally been solved. I used this “down time” to give my website a much needed face lift.

I enlisted the help of expert website designer, Calvin Cahail. Calvin was a fellow expat who lived in Atenas for a few years. He is now in Astoria, Oregon, and he continues to do a lot of work with writers here in Costa Rica.

The results are wonderful: “The Real San José,” has received A TOTAL MAKE-OVER. It looks great! It is fresh! It is lively! It has many new photos. The photos on the site are sharp and clear.

And you should take a look at it. Click, right now, on this: https://www.therealsanjose.com

This will take you to the front page of “The Real San Jose.com.” Then click on “Stories about San José,” and you will see my collection of articles about San José, the fascinating capital of Costa Rica. Scroll down and click on any of the articles that you want to see.

“The Real San José” is considered to be the finest English-language website that focuses on Downtown San José, Costa Rica. It features stories about the museums, the restaurants, the National Theater, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and many other attractions and events in San José.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what author, tour guide and relocation expert Christopher Howard had to say: “I found it aesthetically pleasing, well laid out and having good content. Indeed, it is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn about the thriving downtown area.”

“The Real San Jose.com” is used by visitors who want to make the most of their short stay in San José. And it is used by North Americans who are staying longer or who are considering living in or near San José. The website is the perfect companion to the guide book:
The Real San José
Michael Miller’s Guide to Downtown San José, Costa Rica.

Once again, from Christopher Howard: “Thanks for promoting one of the most interesting, vibrant and often overlooked parts of this wonderful country.”

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