The Volcanos Of Central America (By Country)

When you travel to Central America you will notice that most of the volcanoes are located near the Pacific coast.


Among the things most loved by travelers to Central America is the volcanos. Ok, the beaches are great. The rivers, the forests, the lakes, all nice. But a volcano trumps them all.

The isthmus is located along the Ring of Fire and that has meant a ton of volcanic activity. This has been going on for thousands of years and more. And continues to this day. Though most of those volcanos are dormant, there are still a number of active that dazzle, all from a safe distance.

Volcanos are not just for nature lovers. Each volcano is unique, offering amazing views from high above.

Following is a list of all of the active and extinct volcanos Central America.

1Volcanos in Guatemala

Guatemala has the highest amount of volcanos in the region with twenty-nine spread along its territory.

  1. Acatenango
  2. Agua
  3. Almolonga
  4. Atitlán
  5. Cerro Santiago
  6. Cerro de Oro
  7. Chicabal
  8. Chingo
  9. Chiquimula Volcanic Field
  10. Coxom
  11. Cuilapa-Barbarena
  12. Flores
  13. Fuego
  14. Ipala
  15. Ixtepeque
  16. Jumaytepeque
  17. Moyuta
  18. Pacaya
  19. Quetzaltepeque
  20. San Pedro
  21. Santa María
  22. Santo Tomás
  23. Siete Orejas
  24. Suchitán
  25. Tacaná
  26. Tahual
  27. Tajumulco – The highest in Central America at an elevation 4,220 meters
  28. Tecuamburro
  29. Tolimán

2Volcanos in El Salvador

El Salvador might be one of the tiniest countries in the region but it is home to twenty-two volcanos.

  1. Apaneca Range
  2. Apastepeque Volcanic Field
  3. Chingo
  4. Cerro Cinotepeque
  5. Cerro Singüil
  6. Chinameca
  7. Coatepeque Caldera
  8. Chonchagua
  9. Conchaguita
  10. El Tigre
  11. Guazapa
  12. Ilopango
  13. Izalco
  14. Laguna Aramuaca
  15. San Diego
  16. San Miguel
  17. San Salvador
  18. San Vicente, the tallest at an elevation of 2,182 meters
  19. Santa Ana
  20. Taburete
  21. Tecapa
  22. Usulutan

3Volcanos in Nicaragua

You will find nineteen volcanos scattered along Nicaragua.

  1. Apoyeque
  2. Ciguatepe
  3. Cerro Negro
  4. Concepcion
  5. Cosiguina
  6. Esteli
  7. Granada
  8. Lajas
  9. Las PIlas
  10. Maderas
  11. Masaya
  12. Mombacho
  13. Momotombo
  14. Nejapa-Miraflores
  15. Rota
  16. San Cristobal
  17. Telica
  18. Azul
  19. Zapatera

4Volcanos in Costa Rica

There are thirteen volcanos spread all over Costa Rica for you to explore.

  1. Arenal – Active
  2. Barva
  3. Cerro Anunciación
  4. Cerro Tilarán
  5. Irazú – Active, the highest at an elevation of 3,432 meters
  6. Laguna Poco Sol
  7. Miravalles
  8. Orosí
  9. Platanar
  10. Poás – Active
  11. Rincón de la Vieja
  12. Tenorio
  13. Turrialba

5Volcanos in Honduras

There are only four volcanos in Honduras.

  1. Lake Yojoa, the tallest at an elevation of 1,090 meters
  2. Isla El Tigre
  3. Isla Zacate
  4. Utila Ilsland

6Volcanos in Panama

There are three volcanos in Panama.

  1. Baru, the tallest at an elevation of 3,474 meters
  2. El Valle
  3. La Yeguada

7Volcanos in Belize

The tiny and tropical country of Belize doesn’t have any volcanos within its territory.


Source: Wikipedia