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Tips To Start Working In A Marketing Agency As A Student

Marketing is a major area many students or fresh graduates wish to work in. The perks and glamour accompanying marketing makes marketing very appealing. The knowledge and skills required for a marketing job are, however, extensive and need real work. These are helpful tips to land your ideal marketing job.


Typically, most senior student and fresh graduates have a firm believe in a marketing degree. True, having a basic foundation of marketing principles is essential. However, college knowledge is barely enough in real job market. Indeed, in real world, many graduates, having college as a start point, are frustrated by requirements barely mentioned at college. Generally, “best marketing jobs for student,” “recent graduate marketing jobs,” and “good jobs for students in marketing” are common queries. Or, more desperately, “college graduate jobs,” “what to do after you graduate marketing college,” and “how to market to college students.” If you’re still holding on to a college world while looking for a marketing job, you should stop looking. Indeed, marketing is a very dynamic and every changing function college education can barely keep up. That said, you need to build on your academic marketing knowledge by getting your feet wet. This does not mean you get an internship everyone already gets. This is not going to set you apart from anyone else. Instead, search carefully for jobs you’re going to really learn from. (More about learning later.) Even if you are going to get low paid or working for free, go ahead. Initially, you need to accumulate practical knowledge and skills in return for more rewards later. Particularly in marketing, you’ll need to try yourself in different functions you might not even have studied or learned about before. Unlike many jobs or functions, marketing is a unique combination of art, science and skills. This is something no academic education can offer you – nor one job at one company. So, diversify as much as you can and as early as you can in your marketing career. The knowledge, experience and skills you pick up as you work go a long way in your professional career. For great advice on putting your academics and knowledge into best use in marketing, check buy college papers for sale.


Today, marketing is no longer a gut feeling job of an industry guru or a rising upstart. Indeed, marketing has developed so rapidly and radically in recent years many skills are required beyond conventional sets. Today, marketing is much more about numbers, big data, and analytics. In contrast to gut marketing, marketing informed by analytics is data-driven, accurate and revenue generating. In every subarea in marketing, numbers count. Given our current data-driven world, marketing is increasingly informed by insights pulled from vast pools of data. To do so, marketers now need numerous skills to crunch data and deliver value. That’s why, numbers are now more crucial in marketing. Think of a marketer who, using guts only, rolls out a product only to incur huge losses. This is a fairly common story now more disastrous if not supported by statistical analysis and number crunching. So, go ahead an enhance your knowledge and skills in analytics. Fill in any gaps you’ve got in your marketing skill set to be ready for current job market. The insights you’ll get learning crunching numbers will go far and beyond in your marketing career.

Communication and Branding

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This is a no brainer in a marketing career. In addition to communication and branding you need do for marketing functions, you should, however, know how to market yourself. Indeed, many fresh graduates mistakenly believe having “adequate” marketing knowledge is enough to land a great marketing job. Ironically, such students are barely able to market themselves in job market. So, if you cannot market yourself, how are you supposed to market anything else? That’s why, getting to know bolts and nuts of self-branding are critical if you’re serious about a marketing career. In addition to well-crafted resume and cover letter, you need to know how to promote yourself online. Increasingly, employers are looking for candidates online. So, make sure you’re covered and your online presence reflects who you’re professionally and personally. Of course, professional networks, including LinkedIn, are becoming critical platforms to communicate and brand you. That said, you need to know self-branding requires a lot of work. You cannot simply create, say, a LinkedIn profile overnight and expect results. Be serious. Build your online profile at your own pace and carefully. Trust me, you’re going to reap amazing rewards later. Tips on establishing your professional persona and online presence can be found at Networking

Network. Network, Network. Staring at a screen and fielding applications is not going to lead you anywhere. You need to mingle, associate and expand your network. This can happen only if you’re active in your job search or career enhancement. Even professional marketers network to connect to new opportunities, ideas and people. Indeed, marketing is a function networking helps grow immensely. How are you supposed to understand your customers if you don’t understand your own business as a marketer. There are so many ways you can connect and network. For one, you can check your local chamber of commerce or marketing association for different events and functions. You could also go to job fairs aimed at marketing and advertising jobs. Not least, you’ve got a vast online world, including LinkedIn, where you can connect and expand your network. If you’re not buying how or why networking is critical for marketing, you must know who you do work with could be indispensable in making your campaign successful. Despite not being applicable to all marketing functions, getting to know who makes, or influences, decisions is super important in marketing.

Constant Learning

This is again a no brainer. In a constant changing world and in a career such as marketing, constant learning is a must. Every single day, changes in market structures, consumer behavior and business dynamics make learning an ongoing process. Indeed, current business landscape puts pressure on marketers to pick up more skills and get into new niches to grow. The need for learning new marketing skills becomes more urgent given what marketers need to do now. Today, marketers need to have, in addition to marketing skills, design, web development and social media skills. To understand and engage customers, marketers need to level up. This can be done by joining a conventional classroom course or an online webinar. This is, again, an on going process. A course or a webinar a few months ago might be irrelevant few months later. So, always be ready learn – forever. Check  for great learning resources.


If you are rolling up your sleeve for a marketing career, don’t rely on your college academics only. Today, marketing is a much more sophisticated function that requires you know analytics, communicate and self-brand, network, and constantly learn.

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Carter Maddox
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