Gerardo Cruz Barquero is in critical condition in the Hospital Calderon Guardia after being stabbed in the throat and chest Wednesday night. Authorities are looking into it being a case of vengeance for his publicly shaming a man filming up a woman’s skirt in downtown San Jose two days ago.

QCOSTARICA – The young man, Gerardo Cruz Barquero, who publicly shamed a sexual pervert for videoing up a woman’s skirt in downtown San Jose two days ago, is this morning fighting for his life after being stabbed last night, after work, walking to the home of his girlfriend.

The attack occurred about 7:30pm in San Sebastian, south side of San Jose, some 200 metres west of Walmart, when two men on a motorcycle stopped and stabbed the 22 year-old Barquero in the throat and chest.

apuñaleadoIn a television news interview, Barquero’s mother said her son was on the operating table for at least three hours, one of the stabs nicked his heart. Doctors say the young man is in critical condition, refusing to comment on whether he will pull through.

“I need all of Costa Rica to pray for my son,” said Patricia Barquero.

Barquero’s uncle, Johanny Barquero Jiménez, told La Nacion, “We do not know if it was random assault or a threat“.

Since the attackers stole nothing and fled the scene, authorities believe it to be an act of vengeance, retailiation for his daring act in publicly shaming a man for filming up a woman’s skirt in the streets of downtown San Jose on Monday.

In the video posted on the social media by Baquero, we see how he confronted the “viejo verde” (sexual pervert) filming him filming, with his cellular phone, up the young woman’s dress. The video post went viral.

“The only thing that’s saved you is the fact the police aren’t around. Show your face, show your face, you degenerate”, Barquero can be heard in the video, launching obscenities at the man.

“All of Costa Rica is going to know how sick you are,” Barquero yells out. Click here for our report.


The Sexual Pervert
The man (the sexual pervert) is an employee in the public sector, in the Contabilidad Nacional del Ministerio de Hacienda (national accounts section of the ministry of Finance). The institution told that we will apply the law and take the appropriate administrative actions“. However, it did not expand on those sanctions because the case is under investigation.

255832_620The Woman’s Institute (Instituto Nacional de la Mujer  – Inamu) and the Ombudsman’s office (Defensoría de los Habitantes) is keeping close tabs on the case, working to unify efforts of the fight against street harassment of women. Juan Manuel Cordero, deputy Ombudsman, says “it is unacceptable this expression of machimso”.

The twist in this story
According to Juan Diego Castro, criminal lawyer and former Ministro de Seguridad Pública (1994-1996) and Ministro de Justicia y Gracia (1996 a 1997), Barquero could have violated the law for posing the video online, but the man vidoeing the young lady didn’t (commit any crime).