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Ways to Create an Online Betting Platform

There are countless online betting platforms. Choose the niche you like best and start your own sportsbook business in 2022

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Online betting platforms have risen to be one of the most sought-after in the last few decades without mincing words. Many investors find it very profitable as it keeps expanding with different technological updates from time to time. As a result, people are joining the online betting platform business. While it serves as a means of fun and revenue generation for thousands of operators, it is interesting that many potential operators are still finding a way to create an online sports betting platform.

With many countries legalizing betting worldwide, more potential operators will certainly join the betting industry to create an online betting platform to engage players in betting activities. According to the statistics from Statista, the global size of the sports betting sector is $210.85 billion, and it is expected to increase in the few years to come. This is traceable to more online sports betting platforms joining the sports betting industry.

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Thanks to different online sports betting platforms that are accessible on different devices, including PCs and mobile devices, allow players to communicate with betting sites even from the comfort of their homes. For potential operators seeking to open an online sports betting platform, there are certain things to know, especially when relating with a trusted software provider. Since technological innovation continues to change from time to time, it is important to build cooperation with software sportsbook providers. How to start an online betting platform is one of the biggest questions potential operators are faced with. However, this guide will explain what every potential operator needs to know when opening an online sports betting platform.

Choose a niche

The online betting platform is so massive that it provides players with a wide range of sports betting. Once operators have decided to open an online betting platform, narrowing it down to a specific niche is important. However, narrowing the sports niche to a specific niche doesn’t mean it can not contain varieties of sports. However, it is important to choose some of the most popular sports that attract players to the platform. Operators should also consider a few sports that will help them at the inception of their online betting platform, especially if there is insufficient capital. Varieties of sports will help gain massive audience attention, and in return, operators can expect them to actively wager on the platform. Moreover, niche solutions help provide a better experience for users and help with the recognition of the sports betting platform.


Despite the popularity of online sports betting platforms, not all countries approve of its operations. Thanks to the recent legalization of betting in some countries. Operators need to get the right approval for opening a sports betting platform. It is important to reach out to the gambling commission of their jurisdiction of operation. Relevant authorities will also ensure the right and necessary steps to get approval. However, it is pertinent to know that getting approval from the commission may take longer. Not all jurisdictions allow sports betting; hence, there is a need to find crucial information about laws governing such jurisdictions and know about its legalization. While operators are concerned about getting approval for operations, it is important to also pay attention to the following areas:

  • The overall attitude of their jurisdiction toward rates, charges, and so on
  • The requirements to get approval
  • Likely annual charges
  • Timeframe of obtaining approval
  • The cost of getting an approval

Software provider

After niche and approval, the most important aspect rests on the software provider. When creating a sports betting platform, it is very important to work closely with a software provider. Different sports betting platforms have different layouts, interfaces, and communication with the internet. Cooperating with software providers helps know which is the best software to integrate into the sports betting platform. A great software provider can help attract more audiences when they have seamless communication with the platform. When it comes to the latest updates in software, they also help perfect every necessary aspect. Hence, it is crucial to be updated with a software provider.

Payment provider

Players love it when sports betting platforms have various payment methods to help them pay, regardless of their jurisdiction. To that end, the right payment gateway should be the topmost priority. Although finding a reliable payment provider can be difficult due to high volume turnover, traffic, and rates, it is worth taking the time to pick a reliable one. Operators should consider a fast transfer and reasonable fees, multiple payment methods, and security when choosing a payment provider.


Adopting the above measure will help easily create an online sports betting platform that will even compete with existing ones. Most importantly, operators should relate closely with software providers to enjoy better integration.

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Paying the bills
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