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What impact could the opening of Casino City Caribe have on Costa Rica?

Everyone around Costa Rica knows how vital it is to have world-class attractions and facilities on the country’s shores. With that in mind, the announcement of a new casino resort in April 2018 was met with much excitement.

Named ‘Casino City Caribe’ and based in Limon Province, the whole resort, when completed, is planned to include hotels, casinos, a wellness center, a disco, and a conference center. Although the entire build has a 2027 completion date, developers have confirmed that this $400m project will see certain parts opening as they are finished.

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Of course, news of a new casino mega-resort opening in Costa Rica is excellent news for locals. But what impact might it have on the country when finally open?

Boost for Costa Rica tourism

Tourism is a big deal in Costa Rica and a significant source of revenue for the country. It is estimated that $1.7bn per year comes into the national coffers from tourism. That shows how important it is to keep this part of Costa Rica’s economy healthy and growing. But will the new $400m Casino City Caribe boost tourism figures?

The simple answer is that it certainly should. When people are looking at places to holiday, they look for destinations that offer top-class amenities and unique experiences. A brand-new casino mega-resort hits the mark here and is sure to draw more people to Costa Rica. Of course, news of new facilities like this opening up generates lots of positive publicity, making the country more appealing and more visible globally.

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Improves Costa Rica’s gaming scene

A new complex like this also helps Costa Rica tap further into the vibrant casino gaming sector. Online gaming is a growing sector globally, and many people now use sites, including BonusSeeker, to find top internet casinos at which to play. If you play games in the USA currently with NJ no deposit bonus codes, you are more likely to holiday somewhere where you can indulge this passion in real-life. Of course, many people love to holiday in top casino destinations like Las Vegas and play games while away from home. A new casino resort should help Costa Rica compete with top casino locations like this and bring in more casino fans.

The other positive benefit the Casino City Caribe opening should have is bringing more variety and choice to gaming around Costa Rica. While there are already casino sites operating, a new resort will give locals and tourists more games to play and help the country’s gaming scene become more vibrant.

Boost for local jobs

The opening of any big casino resort should bring a flood of new jobs into the local economy. That is undoubtedly expected to be the case for Casino City Caribe in Costa Rica. Large resorts like this need lots of staff to operate and look after guests. From hotel staff to bar staff, croupiers, and more, this should give employment in Limon Province a major shot in the arm.

Of course, these structures need to be built first; that also boosts the Costa Rican jobs market and economy. Local builders and tradespeople will be hired to erect hotels and casinos on the new complex. When you bring all this extra work and employment together, it will give local Costa Rican’s more money to spend in their local communities. That will see the additional wealth generated being spread around the country.

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Helps to stimulate investment into Costa Rica

A country needs to appeal to global investors to succeed. Doing so helps countries bring in more wealth and keeps money flowing into the national economy. Opening up world-class new facilities like Casino City Caribe is a great way to help drive investment into Costa Rica. That is because global brands and investors will see the chance to make money due to the extra tourists it should draw in.

For savvy investors, the chance to invest in hotels or restaurants which cater to these extra people is tempting. The additional jobs and money created will also give local people spare cash to spend. It may also prompt global brands to open up branches in Costa Rica to cater to this growing new market.

Casino City Caribe looks set to be good for the country

Although the completion date is a way off yet, it will soon come around. Many people are looking forward to the new Casino City Caribe mega-resort drawing huge numbers to Costa Rica for the reasons above. From more jobs to more choice in the country’s gaming scene, it is easy to understand why.

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