The United States is freezing like in the movie The Day After Tomorrow. That country and also Canada are victims of a phenomenon called ‘polar vortex‘.

Cities like Chicago have registered temperatures of up to -46 ℃ (a person can freeze in 10 minutes of exposure).

That is: it is a deadly cold. A *%@# cold!

The polar vortex is a large area of low pressure and cold air surrounding both of the Earth’s poles. It ALWAYS exists near the poles, but weakens in summer and strengthens in winter. The term “vortex” refers to the counter-clockwise flow of air that helps keep the colder air near the Poles.

Many times during winter in the northern hemisphere, the polar vortex will expand, sending cold air southward with the jet stream.

To understand what a Polar Vortex is and why it happens you can Google it here.

Can these climatic waves reach our country?

When will they?

The stupid question is the one that is not asked.

The answer is no. There will be no polar vortex in Costa Rica in 2019. We are saved from such atrocity.

Werner Stolz, of the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) – the National Weather service, confirms this: “There is no arrival of a very strong cold front. We are totally out of this polar vortex.”


A “Churchill puntarenense”

We can still enjoy a delicious “Churchill” outdoors.

Following are photos from the Internet of what is going on up north. We recommend using winter clothing from this, they are chilling.

Chicago is set to be colder than Antarctica

People walk through a snowstorm in downtown Jackson, Mich., Monday, Jan. 28, 2019. (J. Scott Park/Jackson Citizen Patriot via AP)

You can now take off your winter clothes, you’re back to Costa Rica.