Meet Carlos Arias Leiva, aka Pellejo, the Tico (Costa Rican) narco that the International Police (Interpol) in Panama, who was wanted by the United States because he frequently sent there large shipments of cocaine from Costa Rica via Mexico.

Juan Carlos Arias Leiva

Arias is linked on Costa Rican soil to an international drug trafficking organization operating out of the Golfito area, using speedboats for the arrival of drug charges from Colombia. reports that confidential information they received indicates that Arias subsequently used a minibus with hidden compartments to hide the cocaine and that way he moved it to Guanacaste, where he had clandestine airstrip to take fly the drugs to Mexico.

Under that method, Arias Leiva became the main link between Colombian and Mexican cartels for the transfer of drugs from the South American and to the United States.

Juan Carlos Arias Leiva in custody of Panamanian authorities and Interpol

Arias was captured near the border of Paso Canoas, but in Panamanian territory, after an intervention made by the Subdirectorate of Judicial Investigation of Chiriquí, who immediately coordinated with Interpol for a joint deployment after confirming the warrant by the Eastern District of Texas for conspiracy of drug trafficking.

The National Registry records show that Arias is president of the Dojialejuk S.A., along with his wife of 29 years, and in which they own 2 minibuses and a couple of properties in Correrenas de Puntarenas, specifically in Laurel, where he was a resident.

Following the arrest, Panamanian authorities immediately began the extradition process of the Tico to the United States, where he will face justice.