Ana Claudia Álvarez, general manage of Aspen Labs Centroamérica. | Photo: Jonathan Jiménez, El Financiero
Ana Claudia Álvarez, general manage of Aspen Labs Centroamérica. | Photo: Jonathan Jiménez, El Financiero

From its Costa Rica corporate offices, Aspen Pharma will be serving 17 countries in Latin America, said Ana Claudia Álvarez, general manager of Aspen Labs Centroamérica.

The company
had entered the Costa Rica market with the purchase of a division of GSK, but now it counts with its own operations.
The company is located in Guachipelín de Escazú corporate centre.

Franco Muñoz, CFO  of Aspen Caricam, explained that the choice of Costa Rica is due to its political stability, education of executive directors, the country’s record in terms of attracting investment and long-term vision.

The company says it will be employing up to 80 people in the next two years.

Aspen’s presence in Latin America. Aspen supplies a range of quality affordable products through its affiliate companies in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela as well as across the rest of Latin America in countries such as Chile, Columbia, Ecuador and the Carricam territories.

Aspen’s product offering covers numerous therapeutic categories such as the central nervous system, cardiovascular, urinary and endocrine. The leading brands in Latin America include Calman, Eutropin, Insunorm, Suplan, Sedopan, Rosucrest, Sildenafil, Licovit, Cidorix and Triavit. Manufacture of these products takes place at Aspen’s facilities in Vitória in Brazil and Toluca in Mexico as well as through Aspen’s extended sourcing network.

Aspen has shifted its business focus in Latin America from the public to the private sector, which now represents more than 80% of its total sales.

Aspen sees Latin America as one of its key strategic regions with significant growth potential within the Group, and continues to seek opportunities to establish a greater presence in other Latin American countries. The Latin American region also has a strong product pipeline to stimulate organic growth.

Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited is a multinational South African holding company for pharmaceutical concerns and the largest drug company in Africa. The company supplies more than 650 branded medicines, specializing in generics and treatments for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

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