An indigenous man, a resident of Grano de Oro, in Turrialba became the fourth mortal victim due to the bad weather that has prevailed in the country since Saturday.

The man, whose identity was not released to the press, died on Saturday when he tried to cross one of the rivers at the entrance of Grano de Oro, but it wasn’t until Monday that his body was found.

Luis Estrade, of the Turrialba municipal emergencies committee, confirmed the information to the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE) -National Commission of Emergencies.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, two elderly tourists were killed when a tree fell on the cabin they were sleeping in at the time. The tourists were identified as Swiss nationals, staying at a hotel in Cahuita, Limon, on vacation.

On Sunday morning, a cyclist was killed from the hit received when a tree fell on his route. The incident occurred in Caldera.

Across the country, more than 330 incidents have been reported, the majority in the San Jose area and Alajuela.

Luis Manuel Picado lost the roof of his house.  Photo Francisco Barrantes, La Nacion

The CNE reports 47 houses left without roofs, dozens of fallen trees and thousands still without electrical power, some since Sunday, due to falling posts and the sheer number of incidents for work crews to attend to.

The ruta 32 (San Jose – Limon) is not a road to be using today, since Sunday the Ministry of Transport has been attending to incidents of fallen trees on the road and landslides. The road has been more closed than open in the area of the Zurqui, from the toll stations in Heredia to Guapiles.

Satellite image from the national weather service

Today, Tuesday, the strong winds, and cold temperatures countinue. The national weather service, the IMN, reports wind gusts of between 60 and 106 kilometers per hour (37 and 64 miles per hour).

The IMN is forecasting the cold front will continue into Wednesday, when the winds should die down and normal seasonal temperatures return.

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