Actualmente-Walmart-Costa-Rica-locales_ELFIMA20130711_0003_1From Tuesday, Walmart of Mexico and Central America and Credomatic are offering their customers a new credit card product. “Walmart American Express de Credomatic” provides benefits ranging from the accumulation of daily savings through the Walmart Cash program, including purchases made on installments.

Customers accumulate 5% Walmart Cash savings by shopping at all Walmart, Mas X Menos, Pali and Maxi Pali stores and 1% saving on other retail stores in Costa Rica.

Each Walmart Cash equals to one colon and customers can use them at any of the 200 stores the chain has in the country.

waltmartbanner1Also, the new card offers financing up to 48 “cuotas” (payments) at a preferential rate and free membership, among other benefits. Additionally, cardholders can make payments on their card at any Walmart, Mas X Menos, Pali and Maxi Pali.

The card launch comes with a bonus of ¢10.000 colones (US$20) in Walmart Cash on the first purchase of ¢30.000 colones (US$60) or more. The bonus is available to all new customers up to December 31, 2013.

Source: Revista Summa

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