Legislator and former presidentcal candidate for the Partido Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC), Luis Fishman, does not rule out voting for Johnny Araya, candidate for the  Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN) in the 2014 presidential elections, to be held on February, 2, 2014.

Fishman, who ran in the 2010 elections with the slogan “El Menos Malo” (the least bad), told radio broadcaster, Amelia Rueda that “anything can happen” and that he “likes” Araya’s vision.

The former presidential candidate added that, more that voting for a political party, one should think about voting for the person that has that has the ability to create a “national unity”.

Fishman said he has talked to Araya on several occasions and has a “profound esteem” for him, a product of a “good relationship” between the two.

As to the PUSC candidate, Rodolfo Hernandez, Fishman said he has not talked to him since last December and chose not to qualify him as eighter good or bad, saying he does not really know him.

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