Photo: Ministerio de Seguridad Publica
Photo: Ministerio de Seguridad Publica

A Border Police patrol discovered in Cerro Blanco, some 30 kilometres from Norte de Pital del San Carlos, a farm house that is suspected of being used as a camp by drug traffickers in the area.

In the wooden house they found arms, a tractor, two vehicles and containers of fuel.

This is the sixth camp discovered by authorities in recent months.

The first camp was discovered in Limoncito de Cutris, followed by a camp near the Irazú volcano, one in Germania de Siquirres, two in the area of Seis Amigos and two more in Bocas del Caribe, all in the province of Limón.

Unlike the other camps, the camp discovered no Friday did not have a helipad.

Police have kept the camp under guard, waiting the arrival today of investigators and forensic experts.

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