Sure, if you want a woman or man just click on Backstage or even Craigslist. “Youporn” is the biggest of clips depicting hot ‘n heavy sexual positions of all types except perhaps with a donkey.

But when it comes to television “clicks”, lots of “clicks” home cooking, home decorating, home fixins even home sales take the grand prize; the grand prize of T.V. ratings worldwide.

Rachel Rey of “Food Network” started this thing and should be shot at dawn. Her understandable, home talk on how to make meals in 30 minutes is the epitome of the wanna be challenge. Tonight I just saw on You Tube a lady demonstrate how to make her and her kids lunches in twenty-eight minutes. Two full minutes under Ray!

I’m a fan of cooking but not a fan of cleaning. What I want is a show on how to create some magnificent dish that surprises my family seven days a week and me and where I can clean up all the S##t also in 30 minutes and not miss “NCIS” or “Two Broke Girls.”

That gives me one full hour of grin and camera smile. (Give me the formula and I can do it!)

This stuff is just as popular in Costa Rica as the U.S. and Europe. But, the bottom line it is not easy nor is it inexpensive to identify and purchase those 30 minute elegant concoction’s.

I mean, in Costa Rica that outside of platino, beans and rice…you have to really look hard for good prices. Even avocados are more than $1.50 each and we grow those suckers here at home. (Once I owned an avocado orchard and the net cost was 12 centavos each. I gave them away.)

The famous “Costa Rica “Canasta” of foods from which inflation of food prices is derived and has become a big, yet sad joke. Perhaps the best or worst is the price of uncured beef. My shoe is more tender than what the poor eat. The answer to this is, “…at least they receive solid animal protein.” Sure as their front teeth fall out from years of grinding away on being unequal.

Fom Argentina, Chile, Brazil to the U.S., these very attractive males and female chefs dive into recipes that 90% of us cannot afford. If we could, we would. It is sort of like a weekend infomercial that with the right amount of credit card limit anyone can purchase the majestic elixir and lose ten pounds in one week plus receive a mini-bike for only $9.95 + shipping over six years.

Sex is “hot” in Costa Rica but not porno, it is our sexualidad and our own vanidad that sells. With one-hundred pesos, if we can, we will purchase some concoction that promises to make us look more pretty, more sexy.

A terrible expense, is “vanidad,” at what ever the cost, it is the number one personal investment in Costa Rica and that exceeds food.

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