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Central America: Eradicating Gender Violence is Vital to State Security

Panama City, Panama - María is a 35-year old Salvadoran woman with three young children. Growing up, María knew her mother but never met her father. When María was six, she started working at the Central Market of San Salvador and at the age...

Chile: Sex Change No Longer Required To Alter Gender Identity

Chile's Supreme Court has ruled 4-1 that transgender citizens can change their name and sex on state registries without needing a sex-change operation to prove their gender identity. The ruling said that Chile is part of several international human rights accords, including the American Convention...

TSE Approves Change Of Gender Identity On Cedula

UPDATE, May 16: Following a statement by the Episcopal Conference, protesting the decision of the TSE to allow citizens their name and the erroneous statement that the biological sex of people will no longer be recorded in the civil registry, the TSE assures that...