Costa Rica Health authorities confirmed Friday that they have 34 Costa Ricans (Ticos) arriving on Tuesday from South Korea under observation, in case they show symptoms of the new Covid-19 coronavirus.

The San Jose airport (SJO) terminal has already activated a security protocol in case of travelers with suspected coronavirus. In the photo by Lilliam Arce Roble for La Nacion, an immigration official at his desk attending to arrivals.

Rodrigo Marín Rodríguez, director of Vigilancia de la Salud, said that all these people are members of the Chorale Café Choir, which was in the Asian country between February 17 and 20, today considered an active transmission zone.

The Ministry of Health activated health monitoring and surveillance protocols also for the entry of people from China, Iran, and Italy.

This change was introduced on Tuesday mid-morning, two hours before the confirmed entry of the group of Costa Rican singers.

Marín explained that none of these travelers had symptoms but, for health safety reasons, have received daily monitoring of symptoms.

“None are admitted to hospital, only under preventive follow-up,” he insisted, adding that he is personally attending to these Costa Ricans, maintaining daily communication with everyone through WhatsApp group created for that purpose.

The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, confirmed that 146 people have already been assessed since the protocol was initiated in event of a coronavirus case at Juan Santamaría airport, Salas explained.