Karina Ramos Confirms Her Departure From Channel 7


The beautiful Karina Ramos (crowned Miss Costa Rica 2014), is among the 49 people let go at Teletica, channel 7, as the television station reorganizes “to guarantee its solid operation in the future”.

The layoffs total 3% of the Televisora de Costa Rica’s payroll, said a company statement.

According to a source who spoke in exchange for not revealing her identity, the layoffs are due to a considerable drop in advertising sales in recent months.


One of the shows getting the axe is “Café Retro”. The program, co-hosted by Karina, revived series and programs from past decades, such Mr. Ed (in Spanish). It started airing in March, but apparently did not have the success that producers expected. The show will go off the air at the end of the month.

Gone from the small local screen are also chef Daniel Vargas and Shirely Alvarez of ‘Mas que noticias’ (more than news), two prominent figures on local television.

“I really do not know the reasons (for the layoff), I learned that there were staff cuts going to happen, but nothing more was said. I’m a very positive woman and I am calm. Yes, the news took me by surprise, but there have been things that have changed in my life in general and this news gives me impetus for the other personal projects that I have in mind, and to which I can now devote more time,” said Ramos.

At 23 years of age, Karina, said she will miss the (television) station and her co-workes; However, Teletica will continue to be her home.

Karina debuted on Canal 7 on February 8, 2016 on “De boca en boca”, the moved to ‘7 Estrellas‘ in April of that year, where, despite her hosting of Cafe Retro, continued on the show until Friday, that is.

Born on July 14, 1993 in the Heredia (city), Karina moved in 2008 to San Jose, where in 2012 began studying Public Relations in the Universdiad Latina (ULatina). Although Karina’s beginnings were in radio and television, her true passion in addition to public relations is beauty pageants.

Karian (Kary) Ramos | Miss Costa Rica 2014 | TV host | Model and Pageant Coach at Imagination Agency | @imagination.agency | www.karyramos.com