Friday, 3 July 2020

Police Bust Garage House Party in Alajuela

23 (15 men and 8 women) of the more than 50 people cramped into a house garage were arrested for violating the Ministry of Health social distancing order, among other violations

The noise, lights, and an unusual number of vehicles parked on the street alerted police to an alleged illegal social activity on a home in the Santa Fe citadel in Ciruelas de Alajuela.

23 of the more than 50 people cramped into a house garage were arrested for violating the Ministry of Health social distancing order, among other violations. Photo Ministerio de Seguridad Publica

The Fuerza Publica patrol officers, when approaching, verified that in the garage of a house, draped so you couldn’t see inside that a party was taking place.

Reinforcements were called in and in minutes at least 30 officers were on site.

- paying the bills -

Inside, some 50 people, all adults, were inside and when the jig was up, tried to flee. However,  23 of the participants in the party couldn’t and were detained.

Erick Calderón, regional chief of the Alajuela Fuerza Publica, said that the detainees will be placed at the order of the Alajuela Deputy Prosecutor’s Office.

“Obviously there is no respect for social distancing. There is a violation of the sanitary orders against covid-19, issued by the Ministry of Health. So we ask the population to keep their distances,” said the police chief.

According to the version that the owner of the house provided to the Police, the intention was to have a few friends over, alleging that the situation got out of control as friends allegedly called other friends.

However, authorities do not believe the version entirely, as they found that the garage had been prepared for a party, with tables and chairs for a lot of people, lights, music and coolers with all kinds of alcohol.

- paying the bills -

Police believe the party started early, but closer to midnight, and possibly due to the effects of the drinks, the screaming and scandal caught the attention of an area police patrol.

The police presume that the activity began on Saturday from early hours, but it was until 11:30 p.m. m. when, possibly due to the effects of the drinks, the screaming and the scandal alerted the officers.

The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the detainees were all issued a summons for violating the provisions of the Ministry of Health, one is the prohibition to hold gatherings of a large number of people in closed spaces, where social distancing is violated.

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