Pope Francis and Fidel Castro shake hand at Castro's residence. Photo Alex Castro/AP
Pope Francis and Fidel Castro shake hand at Castro’s residence. Photo Alex Castro/AP

TODAY CUBA – Pope Francis met privately with Fidel Castro Sunday and a photograph of the historic encounter between the pontiff and the revolutionary provided the first glimpse of the frail former Cuban leader in months.

During his private 40-minute meeting with Castro, the men talked about big issues and questions facing global humanity, according to papal spokesman Federico Lombardi.

By contrast, Castro peppered former Pope Benedict XVI with questions during his 2012 visit.

On Sunday, a photo provided by Alex Castro, Fidel’s son and official photographer, showed the 89-year-old former president and Francis looking into each other’s eyes as they shook hands, the Pope in his white vestments and Castro in a white, button-down shirt and Adidas sweat top.

Castro, who last appeared in public in April, seemed to be gripping another, unidentified man for support.

Article orginally appeared at Todaycuba.com