The system of compulsory purchase orders of property to be removed for the construction of public works in Costa Rica is failing to meet its goals.

“The country has made an effort to try to expedite expropriations, but there has been no comprehensive reform of the model and that is necessary,” said Monica Araya, former president of the Chamber of Exporters.  Image La Republica

Twenty months into the expansion of Ruta 32, which links San José to the Caribbean, the project has only received 20 meters of expropriations, and it was because their owners endorsed voluntary possession, reports La Republica.

To put it another way, the government has been able to only secure one meter of expropriated land a month, on average. And there are still 400 lots to be released, located on a 27-kilometer route, according to information provided by the contractor of Chinese capital, China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC).

Neither the approval of two reforms, in the last four years, to expedite the expropriation procedure has allowed the State to move faster in that matter.

At this pace, it may be impossible to meet the mid-2021 delivery date for the complete work.

The project entails 107.2 kilometers of road expansion between Rio Frio (Guapiles) and Limon center.