Nicolas Maduro’s diplomatic team in Costa Rica denounced that Juan Guaido appointed ambassador, Maria Faria, froze the Venezuela embassy’s accounts at the Banco de Costa Rica (BCR).

Norma Borges, head of the Nicolas Maduro diplomatic team in Costa Rica

Norma Borges, who failed to re-enter Venezuelan Embassy in Los Yoses, after Faría agreed to leave the property at the request of the Costa Rican government, confirmed the account closure to the press.

“That lady (Faria) had the audacity to go to the banks where we have the accounts and block them, supposedly with a power that the (Costa Rican) Chancellery gave her,” said Borges, who said the block took place a week ago. “We do not have funds … and the rent (for the property) has not been paid,” she added.

The BCR declined to refer to the matter alleging bank secrecy. Nor was it possible to obtain Faría’s version.

The key didn’t work

Earlier this week, Faria, in the name of the ‘interim president’ of Venezuela, took the embassy ahead of the 60 day period the Costa Rican government gave Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s’ people to leave the country.

The deadline of April 16, 2019 was set by the government of Carlos Alvarado after recognizing Guaido as the ‘legitimate’ leader of Venezuela, following the lead of the United States, Canada, the Lima Group and other Latin American countries.

Thursday night, following a meeting with Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister, Manuel Ventura, earlier in the day, Faria handed over the keys to the embassy to Costa Rican notaries with the faith they will be delivered to the Maduro diplomats.

The diplomats retreated to the house of the Maduro ambassador, located across the street from the embassy

Friday afternoon, Borges and her team tried to reenter the building but had problems with the keys. They did not fit in the lock. They were accompanied by the Costa Rican notary Blanca Cecilia Briceño.

The diplomat speculated that Faria entered the embassy with keys from the landlord.

“We do not come to attack as they (Faria and her team) did,” Borges said to the press in the presence of Angélica Ramírez and Nely Gliset de la Mata, members of the Maduro mission.

The group retreated to the Maduro ambassador’s residence, located in front of the embassy.