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The most beautiful places in Costa Rica to visit after quarantine

Nestled between the stunning waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, sits the Central American paradise of Costa Rica. The small, Spanish-speaking nation has made a name for itself as one of the hottest must-see tourist destinations in the region – and for a good reason!

Costa Rica has earned a worldwide reputation for both its dedication to fostering education and leading the way in sustainable environmental policies.

The Costa Rican government dedicates an estimated 6.9% of its annual budget towards education, compared to the global average of just 4.4%. This focus on fostering young minds has flourished alongside the presence of many fascinating cultural attractions, all of which can also be enjoyed by visitors to the country.

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Many tourists who have a passion for environmentalism are also drawn to the tropical nation, as it has become a global leader in sustainability. An impressive 99.6% of the energy used in Costa Rica comes from green sources such as hydro and wind and was identified by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) as the “greenest” country in the world!

Costa Rica boasts a wide variety of gems for tourists to explore – both cultural and in nature. Here are five local Costa Rica places to visit that prove why Costa Rica deserves a spot at the top of any post-quarantine travel bucket list!


With a name in Spanish that means “Land of Turtles”, Tortuguero National Park is an important part of the Costa Rican wildlife. The massive park spans across the north of the country, comprising over 77,000 acres! This chunk of paradise is a jungle full of natural rivers and canals that lead explorers through its leafy expanse.

True to its name, Tortuguero is home to large numbers of turtles that can be observed and marvelled over by visitors to the park! For tourists wanting to see the famous turtles of Tortuguero, the peak of the nesting season is in April or May. At this time, the turtles emerge from the water and can be seen nesting on the shorelines!

Poas Volcano

Located only 50km from the Costa Rican capital of San José sits the stunning Poas Volcano. Poas is an active volcano that is home to two sulfur lakes! The volcanic chemicals give the lakes their distinct and brilliant colour, which makes for unbelievable pictures, proving Costa Rica beautiful. Excitingly, the volcano remains very active, with its last eruption occurring in just 2017! Poas Volcano’s proximity to the capital makes it a great option for a day trip getaway from the city.

University of Costa Rica

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For those with interest in potentially studying in beautiful Costa Rica, visiting the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) is an absolute must! Scholars who go to study in the UCR have the advantage of being surrounded by beautiful biodiversity surrounding, which makes a great inspiration for writing papers.

Students need not be put off writing such papers by academic fears like citation, as they can use a Chicago cite generator to help them. By using a Chicago formatting generator, students can make sure that any writing they do about their environment will reach a high academic standard and make it easier to enjoy life.

Plus, using a Chicago citation generator will save students valuable time that they can then use to explore the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Luckily, the University of Costa Rica is located right at the heart of the capital, making it both a great destination for visiting and a great base for students who want to explore more of what the land has to offer!


Monteverde is Costa Rica’s most prominent cloud forest, and spans over 26,000 acres! Roughly 70,000 eager visitors flock every year to experience the lush beauty of the forests in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The forest has a mind-blowing level of biodiversity, including the most variants of orchid recorded in a single place, and is also home to the rare and elusive quetzal bird.

Visitors have all sorts of exciting vantage points from where they can try to spot these rare birds, as the park is full of tree-top walkways and ziplines! With this level of biodiversity, every visitor to Monteverde is sure to spot something that fascinates them.

National Museum of Costa Rica

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As visitors travel the beautiful country of Costa Rica and soak up its nature, many of them find themselves wondering about the lives and the culture of the people who call the land home. The place to explore this question is the National Museum of Costa Rica, located in downtown San José.

A museum dedicated to the history and culture of Costa Rica, a trip here will leave visitors with an impression of not only the stunning nature that the country has to offer but also the rich culture of its people. The building itself is a fascinating piece of history, a stunning fortress first constructed in 1917 on which visitors can still spot bullet holes from shots fired during the Costa Rican civil war in 1948.

These destinations are just the surface of what Costa Rica has to offer, whether you are an experienced traveler or a busy student thinking on how to cite in Chicago style generator!

A tropical paradise perfectly situated between two of the most beautiful bodies of water on earth – anyone looking to have an unforgettable next travel experience should put Costa Rica on their agenda!


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Carter Maddox
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