Three Downtown Roads To Be Exclusive For Public Transit

The exclusive lanes on portions of Avenidas 3 and 6 and Calle 2, that are expected be operational in October, will be for buses and taxis only


Major changes to the flow of downtown San Jose traffic will be in place in the coming weeks when three of the roads will become partially exclusive for public transit (buses and taxis).

These are Avenidas 3 and 6 and Calle 2.

  • Avenida 3 is between Calle 5 (Parque Morazán) to Calle 4 (Correos)
  • Calle 2, from Avenida 9 (Bella Mansión) to Avenida 3 (Correos)

  • Avenida 6, from Calle 13 (Turrialba bus stop) to Calle 14 (Parque del Ministerio de Salud)

According to the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), demarcation will begin on Monday, September 23, with the exclusive bus lane operational in about 15 days. To reduce congestion, the demarcation will be carried out at night (from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.).

The change is part of a modernization plan in agreement with the Municipality of San José.

According to a statement, the General Directorate of Traffic Engineering of the MOPT, began the placement of vertical signage and starting Monday the municipality will be responsible for the horizontal signaling of the routes (because they are cantonal roads).

More information at MOPT website here.

PS: No, the exclusive lanes, are not for Uber cars.