Press Release – The Embassy of the United States in Costa Rica welcomes last night’s strong statement of support from the Government of Costa Rica regarding the Framework Agreement for the Elimination of Syria’s Chemical Weapons.

LOGO_TWITTER_EMBAJADA_Costa Rica, recognized around the world for its fundamental commitment to human rights and international justice, deplored the use of chemical weapons on innocent citizens in Syria and called the Framework Agreement a positive step to resolving the crisis in Syria.

The United States joins Costa Rica and many other governments in the region and around the world in calling for a strong resolution in the UN Security Council to enforce Syria’s own decision to surrender its chemical weapons stockpiles.

The international community will now expect the Assad regime to live up to its public commitments, and for the international community to hold the Assad regime to account.  We will continue working with Russia, the United Kingdom, France, the United Nations, and others in the international community to ensure that this process is verifiable and that there are consequences should the Assad regime not comply with the framework agreed to in Geneva.

As President Obama has stated, this framework with Russia would not have happened without the credible threat of United States military action, and, if diplomacy fails, the United States remains prepared to act.

However, the United States and Russia have long agreed that there is no military solution to the overall conflict in Syria.  It has to be political.  It has to happen at the negotiating table.  And the United States remain deeply committed to getting there.

United States Embassy
San José, Costa Rica

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