005Costa Rica’s judicial authorities are asking for the public’s assistance to locate the country’s most wanted criminals. A total of 14 men and one woman are being sough by the Organismo de investigación Judicial (OIJ).

The most wanted list includes:

Carlos Fernandez, a Nicaraguan who evaded the execution of his sentence.

Pedro Rivera, Nicaraguan also breached protective measures.

Jose Cabezas with a history of sexual abuse and aggravated robbery.

Mario Muñiz, wanted for aggravated robbery. Armando Gonzalez, who has a pending 10-year sentence for rape.

Charles Espina, American required for sexual abuse.

Mauricio Salmerón with a history of drug sales.

Franklin Navarrete sought for aggravated robbery.

Edgar Monge sentenced to 5 years and with a history of falsifying documents.

Oforji Maduka, Irish sought by international drug trafficking.

Gerson Soto with a pending sentence for aggravated robbery five years.

Ariel Calderon, sentenced to five years in prison for aggravated robbery.

Julio Garcia, who evaded the execution of his sentence.

Nancy Cecilia Araya, sentenced to prison for drug introduced in a penal institution.

If you have information leading to the arrest of any of these people can communicate confidentially with OIJ.

The OIJ list of the wanted: https://pjenlinea.poder-judicial.go.cr/sentenciadosFuga.interface/

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