QCOSTARICA – The weather conditions for this Friday are expected to be similar to those of the last several days, intense morning heat, followed by stormy conditions in the afternoons and cool nights.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) – national weather service – says the proximity of an Intertropical Convergence Zone  (ITCZ) is the cause of the rain and downpours throughout the Central Valley and the Pacific coast.

In the greater metropolitan area of San José, the temperature hovered between 26 Celsius and 32 Celsius, several degrees higher than normal. But the high moisture content in the air, between 75% and 85% humidity, it felt more like 45 Celsius. In Spanish it is called a “bochorno”.

At night, the cool breeze and strong winds have caused temperatures to drop to the low 20s.


During this transition period to the rainy season, it is recommended:

  • Constantly hydrate (drink lots of fluids, preferrable water)
  • Caution of flash floods and exposure to sanitary sewers
  • Seek refuge in the event of a lightning storms, strong winds or hail
  • Not to realize any burns (quemas in Spanish) due to the high winds
  • Be aware of presence of ash in the atmosphere (from the Turrialba volcano eruptions)

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