Lizeth Castro

QCOSTARICA – In her blog, Lizeth Castro, journalist and tv personality, says she and some of her friends, after seeing the video on Facebook of the man videoing up a woman’s skirt, decided to compose a letter to any man who does this sort of thing.

Lizeth says the letter comes of the “pure guts of a group of angry women”.

Our Letter to you.

Dear Public Enemy Number 1:

We do not know your name but will call you “viejo verde, depravado, viejo cochino, enfermo” (sexual pervert, depraved, dirty old man, sick). Many of us were not taught what to do in case someone so sick, does us something we do not like.

But what would have happened if you had recorded one of us?

These are the options:

“I will give you my all (le doy por la madre) with whatever I have at hand”
“Apart from than that (madrearlo), I would try to give you a good kick where it hurts”
“I would expose the evidence to all”
“Then I will turn to you and say: What did you lose stupid?”

We do not think that going to the police is one of our options. You would first have to find one, second to react quickly and third, we can’t think of a cop would do something effective with some old pig like you who will say “I do not know what you mean,” and delete the video while the police arrive.

In addition, the young man who recorded (the video) we give an “A+” and our solidarity, because he even took the time to the girl (victim) what was happening. You saved yourself that the girl did not react, but next time you will not have the same luck.

Although someone may justify to you that you are entitled to do with your phone what you please, or say “why the girl dresses like that,” let us say that we value neither of those two arguments.

We are angry because his act did not respect the dignity that she and all of us have as women. We resent that our value as a person is trampled. You filmed a woman who is a daughter, sister, probably granddaughter, girlfriend, wife or mother and see in her all the women that continue to demanding respect.

Our dignity does not depend on our clothing or our work, or we seem pretty or not. Our dignity is, it is not conditioned nor subordinated to anything.

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