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How To Develop a Security Culture in Your Office?

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It’s something very common for organizations to rely on secure IT operations, as cyber risks are everywhere these days. Statistics show that in 2018, there were about 80,000 cyber-attacks each day and more than 30 million attacks each year. However, security also has to team up with stability in order to have a suitable security culture in an office.

First, you must understand what security culture is. The concept isn’t hard to grasp at all: we’re talking about the facet of the broader corporate culture that encourages the employees to fulfil their daily tasks in accordance with the security policies of the organization. Reducing cyber risks is mandatory, which means that embedding secure practices for daily activities is a great idea that also adds to the security culture. Here are a few tips for how exactly to develop such a security culture for your business:

Work at everyone’s mentality

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Security is not a caprice; but instead, it really belongs to everyone. Yes, the security department is usually the most responsible when it comes to security, but everyone from an organization can be affected when a cyber threat kicks in. Sustainable security culture will require that everyone participates in one way or another to overcome the issues. Everybody has to feel like he or she is in charge of security problems. You’ll have to work a lot at their mentality, as the common one is that security culture has to be the responsibility of only a small group of people.

It may sound utopic, but let’s not forget that it’s in everyone’s best interest to have an organization free from cyber threats. You just can’t negotiate security; you have to fight with all that you have to build it deep into your organization! And you must not believe even for one moment that someone can be completely useless for such a goal!

Train your employees and offer them rewards

Luckily, there are so many training methods out there! You can even opt for good old PowerPoint presentations to explain to the employees the importance of having a strong security culture in the office. You can also test the employees’ imagination to see how they would deal with certain security-related cases and offer them rewards for good and practical ideas.

Those rewards could be anything from a few days off or some extra money at the next salary. What could be better than combining useful ideas with pleasant ones and even receive rewards as a bonus? Everybody likes rewards, and they even trigger the competitive spirit in people. It’s in our genes to be willing to compete with others, and such scenarios will only let out all the good ideas from our minds.

People must report incidents

Don’t be afraid to encourage employees to report any incidents, and thus, you’ll be nurturing security responsibility. Even suspicious events should be reported, as you can never know all the mysterious ways of cyber threats. There are simple ways of getting the job done in this case, and quick access to the IT department is one of the main ways of tackling the problem,

You can easily imagine for yourself how crucially important cybersecurity is for the company, meaning that you could eventually encourage team members to recognize those who provided help in detecting a serious security issue or risk. Such a measure will add an even extra level of awareness of how important it is to report issues as soon as possible. Even small detail matters when it comes to cybersecurity for example leaving WPS turned on makes your internet network vulnerable to outside attacks. To prevent it, turn off WPS from the router settings:,

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Computer systems and networks can be jeopardized in several ways: information disclosure,

theft or damage to the hardware, software, and electronic data. Disruption or misdirection of the provided services also represents a serious problem. That’s where cybersecurity comes in handy, to protect those computer systems and networks.

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Paying the bills
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