Friday 2 June 2023

Longest Third Date in Costa Rica. A lockdown love story.

Longest Third Date tells the true story of two people who go on a third date to Costa Rica, and get stuck there because of the pandemic.

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Q MAGAZINE – A couple who were stuck in Costa Rica for three months due to the pandemic have revealed they had a pregnancy scare while hunkering down in paradise. Matt Robertson and Khani Le, both in their 30s and from New York, matched on Hinge and hit it off after their first couple of dates.

Khani became concerned when her period came late (Picture: Netflix)

An avid traveler, Matt suggested they mix it up for their third date and take advantage of a cheap flight to the Central American country, with Khani ‘throwing caution to the wind’ and agreeing to the trip.

After a long weekend of getting to know each other and exploring Costa Rica’s abundant natural beauty, the pair were ready to return home but their flight was canceled because of Covid-19.

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The duo, who vowed to make the most of the time and stayed in various luxury Airbnbs across the country, ended up being stranded for three months after their rebooked flights were also called off as the virus raged on, as explored in a Netflix documentary, Longest Third Date.

As the weeks went on Khani, who had been taking birth control tablets, learned there was a bad batch of the medication and began to grow concerned particularly when her period was late after just 45 days in Costa Rica.

She tells program marker: ‘I’d been pretty regular for like past 14, 15 years at that point. I’m like, “Oh I always get it on Tuesday” and then Tuesday comes and it’s not here.

‘A couple of days go by and I hope I didn’t get one of the janky birth control tablets and I’m like, “It’s just a few days late, just give it some time.”‘

Matt Robertson and Khani Le had their third date in Costa Rica (Picture: Netflix)

The documentary shows Khani and Matt desperately Googling articles including one titled: ‘How can you make your period come faster’.

Khani explains: ‘It was a really stressful situation. I was just trying to rationalize why it didn’t come when it usually did.

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‘I don’t think I wanted to stress about it too much until I knew for sure but we both didn’t want children.’

She praises Matt for ‘always going out of his way’ to make her feel ‘comfortable’ and ‘anticipating her needs’, while Matt says he was showing Khani the same ‘support’ she shows him.

Khani continues telling producers: ‘At the back of my mind, I was like, “We have to get back home we can’t have a kid in another country.”‘

Fortunately for Khani and Matt, her period eventually came when they returned to Costa Rica’s capital San José.

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She explains: ‘It was like, “Ok, crisis averted”. We can go back to our regular, scheduled programming.’

‘After everything that happened to us, finally some good news. It was a big sigh of relief.’

Watch the trailer here. The Longest Third Date arrives on Netflix on Tuesday, April, 18.

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