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Extortion in Central America - Extortion in Central America comes in many forms and targets different victims. The actors behind it also vary, as does the way in which these illicit earnings exchange hands. In the Northern Triangle nations of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, mass systematic schemes...

Gang Prevention in Central America: A Lost Battle Against State Indifference?

(  With migrants fleeing murder and violence in droves and the evident flop of repressive policies in the Northern Triangle, gang prevention and rehabilitation programs seem evermore appealing. But their impact will continue to be limited unless governments invest time and resources in more...

Why Trump is Wrong to Blame Migration for MS13 Expansion, Violence - President Donald Trump used his first State of the Union Address to blame the expansion and violence of the MS13 gang in the US on the “deadly loopholes” in the system dealing with unaccompanied children from El Salvador. But an upcoming groundbreaking...

Central America Gangs Selling Drug Trafficking Services on Dark Web: UN Official

( A UN official stated that Central American gangs are strengthening their ties with transnational drug trafficking groups, in some cases using the dark web, raising questions about the potentially evolving role of Central American gangs in the transnational drug trade. Amado Philip de Andrés,...

7 Things Donald Trump Gets Wrong about MS13

Q24N ( US President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions launched a rhetorical campaign this week against the MS13, one of the most violent gangs in Central America. But the verbal offensive by the president and the attorney general, as well as their...

Research Sheds Light on Obstacles to Leaving El Salvador Gangs

Q24N ( A recent study of El Salvador's gang phenomenon has shown that, while it is possible for gang members to abandon these groups, desistance depends on several factors, including the gangs' own acquiescence. A study carried out by Florida International University, shows that desistance...

El Salvador’s ‘Black Widows’ and the Growing Sophistication of the MS13

Q24N ( Authorities in El Salvador dismantled a MS13 network allegedly dedicated to forcing women into marriages before assassinating the husband to collect insurance money, a scheme that speaks to the gang's growing business sophistication. Three women, who are allegedly members of a MS13 structure...

Alleged MS13 Members in El Salvador Caught Selling Illicit Horse Meat

Q24N NEWS (  Authorities in El Salvador have arrested 39 alleged members of the MS13 for planning to sell 5,600 pounds of contraband horse meat, a potential sign of the gang's increasing sophistication as it seeks to diversify its criminal revenue streams. Police conducted the...

Are Mara Salvatrucha Gangs Expanding in Costa Rica?

(Q24N) The head of the Honduran armed forces has claimed that powerful gangs are expanding their presence in Costa Rica, but the extent of this criminal migration might be overstated. In a recent interview with Costa Rican news Diario Extra, Francisco Álvarez Urbina said that...


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