Thursday 2 April 2020

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Municipal Cop Threatens Transitos, They Take His Car

Rico's TICO BULL - I have always had my doubts of many of the officers of "policia municipal" (municipal police) who, with little or no training (my assumption) are now the authority in their communities. I see them here, in my little corner of...

Judge prohibits policemen who extorted tourists in Jacó from carrying firearms

A judge prohibited two policemen from carrying of firearms, suspected in taking money and cell phones from two tourists in Playa Jacó. The decision against the officers, identified by their last names Faerron and Falcón, was handed down Friday afternoon by the Criminal Court of...

The Feared Fuerza Pública (National Police) of Costa Rica

Pictures like this are priceless, two officers of the Fuerza Publica (National Police) help a woman with her baby in arms on Avenida 4, in downtown San Jose, helping her with the bags to her destination. The undated photo is from Facebook.  

Nicaragua Claims to Be Safest Country in Latin America

Nicaragua claims to be the safest country in Latin America says a report by the Latin American Herald due to its sophisticated “Containment Wall” public safety strategy. The report says that Nicaragua's capital city deputy police chief Fernando Borge told EFE, “We have a comprehensive...

Is Slapping Your Child a Crime in Latin America?

(Expat-Chronilces, By Colin) Last Friday the children were destroying the house with pent-up energy. It was Peru’s Independence Day, so no school, and we had just spent a week in the infamously child-unfriendly city of Arequipa. So I gave wife a little rest and...

Costa Rica Transport Authorities Call To Eradicate Culture Of Warning Other Drivers Of Police Presence

QCOSTARICA - The Ministry of Transport don't want us to speed. They also don't want us to alert drivers who do, of police ahead. In a post on the social media, the Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Transportes (MOPT) is making a call to "eradicate...


Costa Rica's police at work. Photos of the special air surveillane unit (Servicio Vigilancia Aerea - SVA) of the Fuerza Publica. Photos from MSP - Ministerio de Segurida Publica