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Clues to the impact of climate change may seep from a volcano in Costa Rica

An expedition to steamy northwestern Costa Rica searches for clues to climate change and how carbon dioxide seeping from a volcano might affect trees in the tropical jungle. Scientists study whether elevated carbon dioxide levels such as those found at Rincon de la Vieja might...

Turrialba Continues Spewing Ash

Although the intensity of the ash eruptions has been reduced in comparison with the last five days, the Turrialba volcano remains active. On Saturday night the colossus stopped all activity, but Sunday morning the volcano emanated ash again. The ash column rose some 300 meters...

Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano (Video)

The Turrialba is an active 'Stratovolcano' located on the east side of the Central Valley (10.03°N / -83.77°W), with a complex of three summit craters. New phreatic activity began on January 4, 2010, after signs of unrest beginning in 2006. Its previous eruption was...